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Home Run releases on April 19. I previewed the movie last December. It moved me so much that I wrote a review here on it and on April 18 will feature a special Celebrate Recovery guest. Today I am interviewing actor, Scott Elrod (Men In Trees, Hallmark’s Uncorked, The Switch, Argo, Lone Survivor) who plays Cory Brand in Home Run. He graciously granted me an interview to reveal how Home Run moved him and what it took to play the part of Cory Brand.

copyright Kelly Kerr (used with permission) do not copy and paste this photo
copyright Kelly Kerr (used with permission)

NH: What were your first thoughts on the script? Did you have any reservations on playing the main part? 

SE: Great story, something that I really wanted to be a part of the moment I read it; and no, no reservations at all playing the role of Cory.

NH: Some of the cast were real Celebrate Recovery people who shared real stories. What was it like to you personally to work with them? How did it affect you?

SE: I think it really brought some validity to the film. I have a lot of compassion for those who shared their personal stories with our writers and those who were brave enough to actually be in the film sharing their testimonies. 

NH: Were some of the scenes difficult for you to act through and how?

SE: Yes and no; the part when I took a baseball right in the nuts (which you will not see) was brutal. Joking aside, it was a challenging and demanding role.

NH: Can you share stories or conversations from the set with us. What were your thoughts of John Baker?

SE: Spent very little time with John, so not much to tell.  His son Johnny does have a part in the film and that was a fun scene we shot that day, he cracked me up…

NH: What did your family think of your role in this movie? 

SE: Like any role I’ve done they were thrilled. 

NH: Are you a baseball fan? What team do you root for?

SE: Yes, Rockies having grown up in Colorado.

NH: To be an actor playing a baseball player what did you need to do to train for it? Dustin Hoffman is said perhaps not to be a method actor, but in certain roles imitated the character to know what it felt like to be that character. Matthew McConaughey has been steadily losing weight to play an aids victim realistically. So what did you do to prepare for this role?

SE: Just continued to train, spent some time with the Oral Robert’s batting coach to fine tune my hitting so that was a huge benefit. Hats off to those guys for making me look good!

NH: Did the role ever leave you drained emotionally? 

SE: Absolutely everyday, some more than others… not only are you on set working 10-15 hours a day then there is the mental side of plugging into a character who is so conflicted and emotionally scared… to take that on, act it out, portray with honesty it tends to drain you.   

NH: Are you a family man?

SE: No kids, but love them and hope to one day have a couple running around the house!

NH: Why is your favorite movie Top Gun? Why Tom Cruise? 

SE: As for why Top Gun, having grown up in a military family where both my fathers and grandfathers were pilots in the Air Force there was something very exciting about Top Gun. Fighter Jets, motorcycles, and Kelly McGillis, what more does a 8 year old need?  Did I mention Fighter Jets? Why Tom Cruise?  Well, I suppose it was more his character that I wanted to be more than anything…

NH: What advice would you give someone wanting to be an actor? What can you tell them that no one else has advised?

SE: Don’t let anyone discourage you from following your dream and 90% of the time it has nothing to do with you as to why you were not selected for the role.

NH: In your own words, describe this movie.

SE: A ray of light…

Home Run releases on April 19. It is a beautiful and intense story. Many thanks to Scott for sharing his thoughts on the movie. I encourage everyone to go see it. Bring a box of tissues.


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  1. Many thanks To Scott for sharing his side of the movie!!

    Thank you, as well to Nikole for your constant support of the movie, the message and believing in the impact HOME RUN can have on our community!


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