The GPS That Doesn’t Fail

Are you going to heaven?
Are you going to heaven? (Photo credit: Matthew Bietz)

More often than not, I hear complaints from people who own GPS’s of streets that continue though they dead-end and being taken to questionable destinations due to faulty directions. Recently, a man on Amazon challenged the validity of the Bible when I reviewed Revealing Heaven by John W. Price.

The commenter’s first objection was that the Bible and Science are direct opposites. I gave him this link as an answer. He said he experienced a near-death experience and that I need to take my blinders off. The Bible shouldn’t be taken as fact and he said all religions lead to God. You only have to read about the different religions to understand they are all different. The Hindu religion for instance has 33 million gods and goddesses. The near death experiences mentioned in Revealing Heaven don’t mention the 33 million gods and goddesses. Jesus is most definitely mentioned in some (not all) of the near death experiences. I repeat one part of my review here: If an experience contradicts the Bible, ask lots of questions.

 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. – 2 Corinthians 11:14 NIV

Think of the Bible as an accurate GPS to guide us along our journey Home, a way to get to know Jesus in a relational way, and to make sense of the nonsensical. People who ask the typical questions like, Why do bad things happen?, should read Randy Alcorn’s If God is Good. It’s an exhaustive exploration of that very question. I have a copy you can keep if you are asking genuine questions. I will happily mail it to you if you email me at:

Jesus is my Shepherd and the Bible is my GPS. Unlike the actual GPS, re-calculating when it makes a mistake, God didn’t make a mistake when He gave us His inspired Word. Without the Bible to guide us through our many questions, we are susceptible to create our own god. Besides, if we do not have the Bible, then how do we know of God’s existence, who He is, or if He even cares except by the testimonies of those whose words could be misled or corrupted? How can they correctly interpret their near death experience without the Bible? God does not contradict Himself.


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