Take it With a Grain of Salt Until Proven True

“LIES” (Photo credit: Toban B.)

“His coarse exterior belied the sophistication of his interior life. He had seen much, more than many frontier men of his day, and he had worked to understand what he saw. He did not let the words he read or the politicians oratory or the preacher’s pleading float meaninglessly above his head. Instead, he forced himself to know, to define, to wrestle new ideas to the ground….It [his dad’s behavior] had instilled toughness in him and made him cautious about anything society expected him to embrace uncritically.” Pg. 31, Lincoln’s Battle With God, Stephen Mansfield (Thomas Nelson)

As I read Lincoln’s Battle With God, by Stephen Mansfield and I commented on the complex nature of Abraham Lincoln, my husband said, “How do you know it’s true?”

Good question.

My answer: Check out the bibliography, notes of the book, and what the author believes.

So the next time someone shares a funny poster on Facebook, email, or twitter, do a little critical thinking. What does the person have to gain by creating that poster? What are their beliefs? Is it true? Can it be verified? What are both sides of the issue? Don’t embrace anything uncritically!

Have you shared something unquestionably and found out later the real truth?