Hoping For a God-Change


Yada. Yada. Yada. Yada.

That’s been my attitude. Like putting proverbial ear plugs in my ears when Missions becomes the topic. My perspective was colored by the past. Missions held a stigma for me. But in truth, I made excuses.

In re-reading here and here, I realized those excuses were a defense system–a heart condition of unforgiveness. The past made Missions undesirable combined with a fear of getting overly emotional or being moved so much that I would change. Like I said in the last blog post, I am not comfortable exhibiting emotions. I certainly don’t like crying in front of people. Then, as I re-read the last posts, I saw the truth.

My excuses.

My unforgiveness.

My roadblock.

I emphasize my roadblock because that’s what it was and I asked God to remove those feelings.

So now excitement trembles through me as I and my husband plan our very first short term missions trip to Honduras next May. We are even thinking of doing local missions projects in the in-between. We both realized, with no children, there is nothing holding us back from doing short term missions or serving for a few hours at a local missions organization. My husband and I are hoping for a God-change. What I mean by a God-change is for God to further peel away layers from our soul that He doesn’t want to remain.

The timing is right. Ten, five, or even three years ago, I still struggled with stuff and wasn’t ready. I needed to go through what I did in order to be ready for God’s purpose for our lives.

So I ask now that you pray for us as we begin fundraising in May. I will periodically post details and even have a page where you can send your donations. I will also have more information on the missions organization itself so you can see what we will be doing and why.

Stay tuned.

Have you gone on a missions trip? How has it changed you?


4 thoughts on “Hoping For a God-Change”

  1. Excited for you! I think you will come home finding that missions changes you at least as much and probably more than you change Honduras. There is nothing like it to give you God’s eyes and perspective on the world. We need that, especially in America where we are so blessed and have so much and take so much for granted. Michelle is such a wonderful person to work with. I hope to get there myself one day. Good for you for being willing to have your layers pulled away. We all need to be so willing.


  2. Great news, Nikole! My oldest daughter has been on two short-term missions to Honduras; my son-in-law has been there 8 times! They actually met on one of those trips and in June, they are going back to Honduras for another mission trip. Our church supports a children’s home also in Honduras and we’ve sent folks there on two trips with the third coming up sometime soon. You and Tony will be changed in such an amazing way. The insights you will gain will astound you, at least that’s what all three of my kids have found when they’ve gone on short-terms.


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