Maybe Someday It Will Happen

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“If I can’t raise money for a book project, then I don’t think I am able to raise money for a short term mission trip.If I can’t raise more than $240 for Community Pregnancy Center, then raising money for a missions trip seems impossible.” I told my friend.

On another day, I said to a different friend, “I don’t think I’m missions-orientated. My focus wouldn’t be on why I am there, but on what I can see.” I said this in reference to places like France. I continued, “It would have to be a trip someplace poverty-stricken for me to focus on the right reasons to be there. I have never been out of the country and if I am there I would want to see things as I think it would be a once in a lifetime trip.”

But the reality of me going on a short term missions trip in the next five years is this:

My husband’s vacation hours don’t accrue as fast and to save enough vacation hours for him to come with would be at a great sacrifice of family holidays and camping trips for two years. I wouldn’t want to go on a missions trip like that without him. To share an experience of being used by God in a different country would be too amazing not to have him with me. God made us a team. We work as a team. We don’t have a cat or dog sitter either and since short term missions trips are two weeks or longer that be a great burden to me.

Years from now perhaps God will open that door so I can go on a short term missions trip. For now, I am content to be a prayer warrior and encourager to people who do go on missions trips and whom I meet online from other countries, like a pastor in India that I communicate with. I would love to someday meet him and his family in real life. Missions is not my focus right now except for what I do here online with you.

I get visitors from all over the world. People from India, Canada, Russia, Australia, etc. The internet is a miracle where the Word of God reaches into peoples homes from one continent to another. Some people are called to missions.

I have not been asked yet to follow God in the direction of missions. Others are called here, to be a light right where they are in America; an America saturated in prosperity and materialism who don’t think they need God.  One day I would like to see what I read about in books like, “The Insanity of God.

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