Sunday: Self-Reliance or Faith?

“God is strengthening my faith: showing me how he goes before me to prepares the way.” – Wendy Pope, studying the psalms.×1200&wallpaper_title=jesus-beautiful-savior-1
I don’t need to DO anything. God will do it. I just sit back in His strength and own His promises. There are so many examples in the Bible how He prepared the way without man doing anything, including examples in my own life today.
Do you trust Him today?
Are you compromising your situations with reliance on you instead of Him?
Does technology and today’s thinking make you rely less on Him because He’s “so yesterday?”

Dear Lord,

Today I pray for so many requests, including my church service this morning, and Lord, I pray to rely on you more and more, to SEE you in my life and remember what you did to save my life so that in times of darkness I may recall and be strong in my faith in your promises. Thank you, Lord Jesus for dying on the cross. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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