Book Review and Double Book Giveaway: Fortress of Mist (Spoiler)


In Fortress of Mist by Sigmund Brouwer, Thomas is now ruler over Magnus. He is bereft of love and still in the dark about his enemies, but the Earl of York is seen approaching the castle.

Thomas doesn’t know if the York means war or peace. After the two convene together, Thomas pledges his loyalty to the king and the Earl of York, but the Earl of York asks for back-up as he goes to war against the Scots on behalf of the King of England. The Earl of York wears the ring with the symbol of the Druids. Is he friend or foe? Thomas has also been visited by Isabelle, a lovely and wiley woman who died in book one. Isabelle is one of the Druids and not really dead. Katherine is still around, but as far as Thomas is concerned, gone.

While peace reigns within the walls of Magnus, the people seem happy and the soldiers loyal. Thomas has changed since book one. He is less youthful and more wise, seeking a bloodless battle with the Scots, rather than a battle where more widows and fatherless daughters and sons are the result. Thomas manages to impress the other earls with his plan and defeats the Scots. However, challenges exist as the Druids begin to try to poison and attack Thomas on the way to the battle. Thomas, once again, defies their attacks. He is aware of two forces vying for his loyalty. Both meet him on the way to battle.

Katherine of the Immortals in her varied disguises follows to protect and Isabelle and the Druids attack and poison. That’s when Isabelle’s true intentions are read in the pages. She is nothing more than a spoiled nobleman’s daughter who wants Thomas as a husband, but the Druids control her future when the leader of the organization threatens the life of her father. Katherine loses Thomas near the end of the book when Thomas declares her untrustworthy and banishes her from Magnus.

That’s where the novel ended. It left me frustrated like watching a season finale when the bad guy blows up the hero and we are left hanging all summer for the first episode of the new season to see if the hero lives. While the ending was good, I don’t like to wait to see what happens. Now I am forced to wait for the third book in the series. For that, I docked it a star, rating it four stars. Again, it’s an excellent novel and now I am committed to reading this series to the end.

If you leave a comment, your name will be in the drawing to win both The Orphan King and Fortress of Mist. Deadline to leave a comment on The Orphan King’s and Fortress of Mist’s posts is Friday, February 22. A name will be drawn and announced on Saturday, February 23. In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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