Book Review and Double Book Giveaway: The Orphan King


The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer is a tale of intrigue in the tradition of medieval history where light and dark war over a mysterious castle called, Magnus.

Magnus was built by Merlin. It’s strangely untouched by the King of England or stormed by any Earl. The defenses are impenetrable with nearly ten years of food and water, high walls, numerous escape passages, and two moats. Long ago, Sarah watched as her family perished within it’s walls, and she took baby Thomas to be raised in a monastery to learn the secrets of the Immortals. Magnus became ruled by one loyal to the Druids.

The Druids are evil, blackmailing other Earl’s to do their bidding and using secret knowledge to cause deadly illnesses to overcome those who stand against them. Some view what they do as magic, but the Immortal’s know that knowledge can appear as magic. Thomas knows what he must do, but he doesn’t know who is on his side, the stories of the Druids, or the Immortals. Sarah left him without that knowledge. After Sarah passed, Thomas kept the books of knowledge in a cave while he freed himself from the corrupt monks and goes to free a knight set to be hung in the nearest village.

What Thomas doesn’t know is the bigger picture. The knight is one of many who know of Thomas’ existence and the hanging was a ploy. Thomas is the next king of Magnus. Thomas’ plan goes only as far as conquering Magnus, but he doesn’t yet know what to do with it afterwards. He is still left largely in the dark on who his enemies are as he and his three companions begin their quest to Magnus.

The Orphan King is fashioned after typical medieval stories where others seek positions of power over the rightful heir; the rightful heir being Thomas. Thomas is more than he seems and manages to keep his enemies mystified by his potions and secret knowledge. The Druids and the Immortals seek his hand on their side. The story has a love story intertwined between one of the Immortals, Katherine, and Thomas. The love story will go forward into the second book in the Merlin’s Immortal’s series where it leaves one begging for more.

Sigmund Brouwer is a great story-teller. This novel had my attention from the first and I gave it five stars. Tomorrow I review Book two in the series, Fortress of Mist.

 If you leave a comment, your name will be in the drawing to win both The Orphan King and Fortress of Mist. Deadline to leave a comment on The Orphan King’s and Fortress of Mist’s posts is Friday, February 22. A name will be drawn and announced on Saturday, February 23.  In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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