Anonymous Blogger: Reforming the United Nations

Anonymous Blogger left me another handwritten blog. This soldier in the grass roots movement calls neighbors to pass on the information, calls those she asks others to call, and writes letters to them, too. Her research, I can only imagine, without a computer is time consuming and fruitful.

Dear Nikki,

Please call McCain and Flake –

1) Vote against passage of Seantor Dianne Feinstein’s gun control bill. (From Nikki: News sources indicate this is supposedly dead on arrival).

2) Vote to support Marco Rubio’s Immigration Reform Bill.

3) Vote against any ratification of U.N. Treaties on Global Tax.

4) Vote to support HR2829. According to Paul Gosar this is to reform the United Nations. If you write Gosar, the letter you receive would inform you on the history of the U.N. which began after World War II. Our country, in spite of the amount of money spent on the U.N., has little more sway voting than the tiniest island nations. Countries that pay only 1% towards the U.N. can, theoretically with a 2/3 vote dictate how the money will be spent over the objections of the United States. The bill Gosar is proposing is called, “United Nations Transparency, Accountability and Reform Act of 2011.”

5) Vote to re-introduce Representatives Wally Herger’s (R-CA) Save and Strengthen Medicare Act (HR6645). This legislation would replace failed price controls with competition, repeal destructive elements of Obamacare, offer substantiated savings to the tax payer and strengthen Medicare for generations.

From Anonymous Blogger


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