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Last year I began a series called, A Life of Words. I wanted to talk about the heart of social networking instead of the mechanics of it. Today I am featuring a good writer named Rudri. I enjoy her blogs whenever I can find the time to read them. Her blog name is easy to remember. You can read the rest in the series here. Meanwhile, enjoy this interview that Rudri has graciously granted.



Your Name:   Rudri               

Your Twitter: @beingrudri

Your Facebook page: Being Rudri

NH: Why did you pick that name?

BR: I wanted a short blog title that included my name and reflected ideas and thoughts that were unique to me.

NH: What prompted you to begin blogging?

BR: This blog is my mechanism of coping with life’s changes. I lost my father from a 4 year battle with cancer in 2009, I moved to Arizona after living in Texas all my life, and my mother moved in with us. Life is full of changes, mostly unexpected, so this blog is my perspective on life and everything in between.

NH: What kind of blogs did you first write?

BR: My writing, from the inception, focuses on my personal observations. The subjects that are most important to me are: loss, grief, love, and gratitude.

NH: What mistakes did you make when you first blogged?

BR: I tried to compare myself to other writers and realized that was a futile exercise. I now focus on one criteria: embracing my authenticity. When my writing is genuine, the emotion is palpable.

NH: What are your top 5 favorite blogs to read?

BR: I enjoy reading many blogs. Paring it down to five is difficult. Here are some of the blogs that I regularly frequent:

A Design So Vast, Kitchen Witch, Motherese, Only You, & Ivy League Insecurities, First Sip & Happiness Project.

NH: What inspires you to blog?

BR: Daily observations about life, my relationships, the pendulum swing of sorrow and happiness prompt my blog posts.

NH: When do you write your posts and how long do they take?

BR: I usually write my posts during the evening. My posts usually take about 20 to 45 minutes to write.

NH: When your first comments came and they weren’t family or friends, describe that feeling.

BR: Affirmation and excitement!

NH: Why do you blog now and how has that changed from your very beginnings?

BR: My blog is still about coping with loss, gratitude for the present moment, and understanding the uncertainty between happiness and sorrow.

NH: Do you have any comments to add for people who want to start blogs? Any advice?

BR: Know your voice. Determine why you want to blog. Write for yourself. Be persistent. Write back to those who comment. Enjoy the writing process.

NH: How many times a week do you post?

BR: 2 -3 posts a week.

NH: What religion do you believe in?

BR: I practice Hinduism.

NH: Do people at your church or work know about your blog? What is their reaction?

BR: Yes. Most people are quite expressive and let me know if a particular blog entry touched them in some way. There are many readers that never comment and are reluctant to let me know how they feel.

NH: What was your family’s reaction when you wanted to begin blogging?

BR: Very supportive. My husband and mom are my biggest fans.

NH: Did you ever write a blog that made someone feel hurt? How did you reconcile that or resolve that?

BR: Yes. I wrote a post that advocated walking away from toxic relationships. Even though I never mention names, the person whom I talked about figured out I was ending our relationship. I tried to talk to her prior to my writing the post, but it was not met with any resolution. I gave closure to the relationship by writing about it.

NH: How many hours do you social network and/or blog per week?

BR: I try to write 3 blogs per week.

NH: How many readers do you get a month?

BR: It varies month by month.


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