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It’s been too long of an absence. My anonymous blogger walked in the other day with her handwritten blog post. So much has happened with Obama’s so-called re-election, his put down of people who disagree with him, his lack of bipartisanship, and his lack of concern for America’s financial crisis. Does anyone think it odd that suddenly Mitch McConnell is going to agree with the Democrats for eliminating the filibuster which will enable the gun-bans to go through? Is the Republican Party really through?

“The only way from this point on that the republicans can win any election is by rigging them.” said Chris Matthews. Republicans won’t do that because it seems to be a practice from the left.

Are some Republicans or Democrats being threatened somehow? Are their families being threatened? You have to admit a lot of odd things have happened since Obama was elected in 2008. My message to the new congress: Stand for what is right. Trust God for the rest. I haven’t walked in your shoes, but please don’t try to save your careers.  Not everyone is buying what the mass media is saying or believing the massive campaigning against the Republicans coming from Obama. Nothing is getting done in congress because of a Democrat controlled senate, but our party is getting the blame. Whatever is going on, I and many others are praying for you, our country, and even our President. May God help our country!

Now from my Anonymous blogger. Your voice still matters.

Dated: 1/16/2013

Dear Nikki,

We do have a new congress in session and so do have a few items you might want to call about (both national and state).

For Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake (AZ new U.S. Senator replacing Jon Kyle)…Flake is a Mormon, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-Israel, and a fiscal conservative. Flake can be reached at 1-202-224-3121. Also, call U.S. House of Representatives Paul Gosar, the following:

1: Vote against ratification of the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty–would give the United Nations authority over the oceans and was designed to introduce the principle of international taxation on the American peeople.

3: Vote to support the English language Unity Act of 2013. Would save the taxpayers millions of dollars and encourage a unified U.S.  No taxpayer funding of planned parenthood.

 4: No military aid to any country that is made up of terroists or opposed Israel

 5: Vote against funding any organization in the United Nations that supports recognizing the Palestinian Authority as a member state. Terrorists are a part of their government (Hamas) which the charter of the United Nations explicitly forbids (recognizing any government that has known terrorists as a part of it).

For Arizona: (1-800-352-8404)

Call: Pierce (senator), Tobin, and Fann (AZ House).

Ask them to oppose any implementation of Agenda 21 (any part of it. Encourages a socialist agenda, higher energy costs, and government overreach).

Also: For Flake, McCain and Gosar…

Ask them to support reform of social security and medicare to help cut spending, simplify the tax code and that a law may be passed that we will pay the debt first each pay day.


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