Angel Eyes: Corrupting The Soul Via Healing


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Every so often it comes up in conversations or Bible Studies. I hear of healing services. On the television, a pastor knocks his hand against the forehead of someone and they fall backwards. Miraculously they walk or are physically healed. In Angel Eyes, the character Jake Shield has the gift of healing.

The author, Shannon Dittemore cleverly uses the demon to show how a healing gift can be exploited via manipulation.

“The gift of healing is rare and so easily corrupted. Could be used to advance the kingdom of darkness. It takes so little to convince a human to do wrong. Especially a human who cares for others. In many ways, this one would be easier to destroy than Horacio. And a human like this boy, his gift twisted to serve darkness, would surely garner favor.” Page 94, Damien’s point of view.

To set the record straight, I do believe in healing. I believe in both physical and spiritual healing. Some other theologies believe if you aren’t healed, you must have done something wrong. According to Gospel Way, “This doctrine is becoming increasingly popular among believers in the “Charismatic Movement,” Pentecostalism, and faith healers. Preachers teach that God will reward faithful service with good physical health and material abundance: people have a right to expect this, and God will even do miracles to accomplish it. Many call this “the gospel of physical health and wealth.””

I am skeptical of healing ceremonies. Not because I don’t believe God can heal, but because of the damage it can do to someone if God chooses not to heal. That’s why the prosperity theology is so wrong. It makes promises the Bible doesn’t make and God is not interested in seeing us rich, but for us to prosper in the way of serving His purpose and growing as a person. As Dittemore so cleverly shows in her story, the gift of healing is corruptible as is power and money.

Power and money are temptations humans can least resist. Once given, the things we say we would do with money or power, the good we would do with it, compete with the things money and power can do or control. And those things usually win. God wants us to seek Him. says, Seek God Himself rather than His blessings. Yes, God loves you and wants to bless you, but He’ll do so in His own ways, according to His will – not yours. Contrary to what the prosperity gospel claims, God hasn’t promised to bless all people with good health and plenty of wealth if they ask Him for it in faith. Instead, God has promised something better: His presence. You can count on the fact that God will be with you, no matter what. But trying to manipulate God into giving you want you want simply won’t work.”

Brielle in Angel Eyes grows through all the books in the series as she copes with her grief and her questions. In Angel Eyes, Jake makes the hard decision not to heal a dying girl in front of a warehouse-full of kidnapped girls. Healing the girl would have corrupted his gift, made him well known, and given him notarity that would have caused him to change in a bad way. The demon flies into a rage over it. Jake is not corruptible after all. Jakes’ faith remains unshaken. Healing isn’t always in God’s plan.

My life isn’t a great story to tell. It’s fraught with anguish, rejection, abandonment, illness, disappointment and verbal abuse. In victim mode, I let my past influence every decision. Even the good memories that I can remember I can’t trust to be true because of all the lies. But God healed my soul. I am in the healing process as we speak, and He chose to minimize my disease. It’s now controlled by diet and exercise with some medication. But first, I had to lose the weight. In losing the weight, I grew and learned new disciplines. It wasn’t an easy journey, but healing doesn’t always come instantaneously at times. Humans also make the choice not to heal when healing is just a prayer away. My healing took over half of my life. Only a couple of years ago did I begin my healing process.

Then, there’s stories of instant healing. They happen everywhere. People who leave hospice. People whose organs heal and the doctors are left with too many questions. I love those stories. You don’t hear those stories coming from major television shows.

A friend reminded me in one Bible Study that we need to let God have a chance to heal. Healing does happen, but when it doesn’t, we need to realize that maybe God has another purpose for our illness or spiritual wound. We need to ask ourselves how we can serve God in the questions. How can our faith grow in our spiritual or physical illnesses? The Prosperity Theology is wrong and Angel Eyes reminds us off the danger of power and notariety. Because that’s what Jake would have to struggle with had a warehouse-full of girls witnessed the miraculous.

There’s also the temptation of worshiping unintentionally the person who heals. So when I hear of healing ceremonies or happen to catch one on television, I wonder if any of it is real and how many people are asking themselves, “Why didn’t God heal me?”

Share your story of healing.

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