Book Review: The Conviction to Lead


The Conviction to Lead: 25 Principles For Leadership That Matters by Albert Mohler could be summed up in one sentence: A leader must lead with conviction using the tools available to us to pass on that conviction as a legacy.

Awareness of our mortality changes everything…We are creatures made for a specific time and a specific opportunity and a unique stewardship of influence, life, and energy…for we live with the constant awareness that everything we have built can be undone when we are gone. We have a limited opportunity to make a difference, and to make it last. Leadership, in other words, is perishable.” (location 2190)

From chapter 1 where Mohler says, “True Leadership Starts With a Purpose, Not a Plan,” to the last chapter where he goes indepth about the social networking tools available to us and how if we wish to be an influential leader, we need to use those tools, Mohler shows he is a strong writer. If leaders do not have a platform, they do not exist or have a limited audience. That reminded me of a Fox and Friend’s report where the money reporter explained how government regulation will eventually wipe out brick and mortar storefronts and make the online world more prominent. A business that doesn’t have a website would not make money.

Mohler went on to say,“If you are satisfied to lead from the past, stay out of the digital world. If you want to influence the future, brace yourself and get in the fast lane.” (location 1935-1936) Sadly, that’s where some influential people in real life remain–in the past, missing ripe opportunity to influence. Mohler spoke about passion and the lack of passion. This and other areas in the book caused disquiet in me. As a growing Christian, his words made me think and re-think, especially when he said on location 996-997, “If opposition to your ideas and beliefs offends you, do not attempt to lead. Every leader knows the experience of rejection and opposition. You must prepare for it, expect it, and deal with it when it happens.”  Mohler wrote a strong willed book that repeatedly pointed the reader to biblical concepts of leadership and practical application. I gave this book five stars. Every leader and politician should read this book to perpetuate a legacy of conviction.

*Book given by publisher to review.