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Fall Career Days 010
Fall Career Days 010 (Photo credit: pennstatelive)

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“If opposition to your ideas and beliefs offends you, do not attempt to lead. Every leader knows the experience of rejection and opposition. You must prepare for it, expect it, and deal with it when it happens.” – The Conviction to Lead

The  man screamed at me over the phone because one of his employees were denied a purchase using the company’s credit card. Each credit card account had a financial officer who approved new limits. A mere employee could not get his credit limit increased without the financial officer calling it in first. As I tried to explain that to the CEO of this big oil company, the man proceeded to scream. He told me he knew the CEO of Coca Cola and listed a few other names.

I mentally shrugged. I still can’t give you a limit increase without your Financial Officer’s okay. I still remember that name today and when I pass one of his buildings I have no desire to do business with them. I heard a man treat me as if I were the cigarette he just tossed to the ground; now he’s grinding his heel over my head. On the other hand, I recall the man from Gallo Winery.

He was Asian, I think, and the financial officer who called and was on top of all of Gallo’s credit card accounts. His friendly attitude sounded warm and caring. I believe he even asked how I was doing one day. The man treated me like an equal. Today when I pass one of the wines, I smile. It’s a good wine made by good people. His example influenced me in how I answer the phone, email, tweet, or what-not, and I am reminded that I don’t want my attitude to be remembered. I want people to know they matter by treating them like an equal and with respect.  That’s the point I was trying to drive in Wednesday when I spoke about the sour grapes coming from a few Christian and non-Christian writers when a bad review is posted.

The way you respond to a bad review will be forever remembered. Be careful that the reputation you create is godly and that you follow Jesus’ commandment to love others. We should agree to disagree and still shake hands at the end of the day.