People Who Influence

What people influence you? And how do they influence? Why do you admire the people you admire? Is it because they are godly people or is it how they dress? Are the people you admire shallow and image driven or deep in the Word of God? Maybe it’s their magnetism that draws you to them. Whatever the case, the people who have that kind of power of influence that draw us should be people who inspire us to godly things. They should shine like an arrow pointing right at the scriptures and the God behind the scriptures. That’s what Bonnie does over at Faith Barista. Today is her first blog post in a long time.

She asked, “What is your word for 2013?”


Because without relationships, people can’t see Jesus working in our lives in tangible ways.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your word for 2013 and why?


13 thoughts on “People Who Influence”

  1. Nicole! You just made me BAWL. Like not just cry, but BAWL. In a good way. *tears* you have no idea how God used your words to whisper to me, “Beloved.” I was feeling a little better today, and I wanted to come and circle back to thank you for being there with me a few weeks ago, blogging together in the faith jam. I’ve been gone so long in so many ways, and here among sisters-in-Christ, I feel at rest. xoxo


  2. Thank you for stopping by to read about my word for 2013 (Endure/Endurance). I wonder how relationships will play out for you this year…strengthening? growing? new ones? I look forward to reading how relationships change or become more in your new year. Blessings!


  3. Wow! It has been half of forever since I’ve been to your site. I like the “new” look!

    Good word. It’s such a crucial one for so many reasons.

    My word for the year? Healing.


  4. Mmmmmm great word. I am in need of divine connections for what God has called me to at this time. I look forward to relationships and seeing people as those whom Jesus found worthy to die for, and treasures to share with me.


  5. I like your reason for “relationship” — tangible visible Jesus is a good thing…and the rubbing, stretching, pulling of relationship (when it is hard to see Jesus but he is certainly working on us) is also good…


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