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Life Upside Down

Welcome to Life Upside Down where everyone has a story. Through telling our stories we create community. My blog’s intentions is to create that community through authentic Christian living and talking about the people, culture, books, and movies that influence us for better or for worse.

Creating Community

My interest in re-launching my blog is to create community. Less time blogging means more time on twitter, Facebook, and social networking to talk to you.

More Writing Time

Because I am available to ghost blog and will be launching a magazine in the spring, 2013, I need to make sure I am continuing my regular writing on my novel and short stories. Blogging every day has created a unique challenge and I have discovered I yearn to write relevant posts. Relevant posts take more research. I will post Monday, Wednesday and Fridays every week. That doesn’t mean I won’t post in between times, but if I do, it’s because it’s a guest blog, interview or a book review.

Tomorrow is the first day of my posts. Please feel free to email me at if you have suggestions.


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