Merry Christmas; Now Go Away!



Coffee gurgles and whistles.

The bed shakes violently.

I open my eyes and stare into my husband’s, noting sourly the lack of daylight outside, and burro deeper into the covers. “Go away.”

“It’s Christmas!” He jumps on the bed again.

I pull down the covers to just below my eyes. “Five more minutes.”

“Get up! Get up!” He crouches over me. “It’s Christmas!”

We don’t have kids.

I just have a husband who goes from age 45 to 10 in a matter of hours on Christmas Day morning. He’s lovable, incourriagble, and mine. Just as I am about to hide beneath the warm covers, he pulls me out of bed—literally. My feet hit the floor and my toes curl as the cold air touches my skin. Where are my socks? I grope for the socks and slide them on as I hear him talk about something that my brain has trouble comprehending because I lack sleep. Christmas Eve we stay up late and Christmas morning my husband can stand it no longer. The gifts below the tree and the hidden stocking are just too much. He’s been anticipating them for several weeks.

And I don’t have fresh bread made because of the generosity of fellow believers. There are more than enough treats. Tony has coffee made and in my cup as I stumble into the living room. My stocking sits on the coffee table. He’s just as bad as I am when it comes to gift giving. Truly, there is more joy in giving than receiving.

And I recall why we have Christmas—the Christ child. God in human form come down from Heaven to save us. The bittersweet ending on the cross as He took on our sins. A King people misinterpreted to mean becoming someone to overturn Roman rule; not yet understanding Christ came to be our King forever; to be our Salvation. It’s hard to recall that at times so caught up we can become in the material things of Christmas.

So as I sip my coffee, I ask you to take a moment on this day to reflect on who Christ is and what He means. Open your Bible today for a short devotion in Matthew. The lineage described in Matthew 1 reminds us how far ahead God planned this gift for us with patience and lots of love.

Merry Christmas, dear readers! You mean a lot to me. Now unplug and spend time with your families.


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