Book Review: Walking With Bilbo


Walking With Bilbo by Sarah Arthur comes in the wake of the newly released The Hobbit movie. It’s a devotional that follows chapter-by-chapter J.R.R. Tolkein’s book, The Hobbit.

“And no wonder Tolkien, a devout Roman Catholic who took things like the marriage ceremony seriously, referred to those fans (hobbit communes, those obsessed with fantasy to the extreme) as his “deplorable cultus.” In other words, their cult-like attempt to replace reality with fantasy was taking things down a road Tolkien never intended.” (Introduction)

The book has quotes from The Hobbit, followed by a clever commentary making The Hobbit and Bilbo relatable to this generation by drawing on Bilbo’s and Biblical example. Following each commentary is a list of questions to answer and scripture to meditate on.

Sarah’s book is unique where devotions are concerned. It reaches across the generations to our next generation—the one who knows more about The Lord of the Rings trilogy than how America was founded. It’s chapter on relating to family tensions and church family tensions is the most well-written I’ve read on the subject; a truth easy to swallow.

Sarah suggests that the person who buys this book become familiar with the trilogy books and the movie. However, I think anyone could understand the underlying lessons without having read or seen either. Sarah also has other books out that spark my interest like Walking With Frodo and Dating Mr. Darcy. Overall, I gave this book five stars for excellent story-telling and how easily she reaches across age divisions.

*book given by publisher to review.


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