Book Review: Something Blue

something-blueSomething Blue by Dianne Christner defines hero a bit too glibly. The tag line says, “A hero isn’t always easy to spot.” However, the story doesn’t live up to this tag line. Rather, it’s a story about a girl torn between two men.

Chance is Megan’s boss’s brother. Flying planes is his obsession as is being a pilot missionary in Ecuador. Red X’s mark his calendar in the office of Char Air as he impatiently waits for his brother to return. His brother took a leave of absence after cheating on his wife. Megan Weaver is an assistant to Chance’s brother, and now to Chance. It’s not easy keeping your mind on your work when a single, good-looking Christian pilot is now your temporary boss. Chance is not a Mennonite and that brings an added complication to Megan’s crush.

Throw in another man with more honorable intentions into Megan’s life and the pot is stirred. Now Megan is caught between the wrong man and the right man with enough of the lines blurred as to make her question whether her Mennonite faith is worth holding on to as Chance claims to be a Christian, too.

Micah is the pastoral candidate for Megan’s church. Brother Troyer died in the garden of the parish house and the search committee chooses someone younger and single, much to the dismay of some of the gossips and the delight of the single, young women in the parish.

As Megan sticks to her beliefs, Chance becomes more aggressive and angry. However, Christner takes Chance’s character only to the edge of his anger. The novel doesn’t become one where Micah needs to run to Megan’s rescue. Complicating Micah and Megan’s friendship is the misunderstanding that Micah thinks Megan loved Chance until gossips force the truth out in a confrontation. The novel was good, except for one part.

When Megan and Micah discussed Chance’s Air Force background, the military was put down. I understand it was part of the storyline as a Mennonite’s belief is pacifist. Still, I didn’t like how long that conversation went about having to kill people and had to deduct a star for it. Megan discounted Chance as relationship material because of his non-Mennonite and military background. Also, because he wasn’t firm in whether he wanted to marry Megan even if she moved to Ecuador to become a missionary with him. In past books, Megan has always been a bit more worldly than her friends. What was left unanswered in the novel was her urge to serve as a missionary in another country. For a while, it appeared that both Megan and Micah’s storyline headed towards a missionary conclusion. Her dream fizzled with no memorable explanation.

A real plus to Something Blue came about when Micah refused the offered candidacy until he got the gossip’s approval. He served the gossip until he broke down her barriers and found out why she hated him and others. The conclusion left me pleased. Overall, I gave this novel four stars.

*book given by author as gift with no obligation to review.