Anonymous Blogger: Your Voice Still Matters!


My anonymous blogger called me the other day. Usually she handwrites her blog and delivers it to me. This time she told me over the phone. This was the day before or the day of my meeting with the Young Republicans of Yavapai County. Congressman Gosar spoke there and everyone had a chance to ask questions. My husband asked about the voter fraud in the country and Congressman Gosar didn’t answer the question. Overall, Congressman Gosar answered all our other questions and left us feeling hopeful for the future. Here’s my anonymous blogger’s blog piece:

Please pray for our leaders to do what’s best for our country, not what is political or expedient.

Call Gosar, McCain, and Mitch McConnel for the following: 

Do not raise tax rates on the wealthy. It’s fine to close the loopholes so that the wealthy are paying their fair share.

Reform social security and medicare now. Don’t keep putting it off. The entitlement programs and so on are an issue. We need to figure out other ways to save to not get into anymore debt.

Please fight the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.

Scary Stuff:

There’s a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act that allows the president to arrest Americans–any American in cahoots with Taliban or Alkaida. These Americans would not be allowed any recourse to get a lawyer or to contact anyone outside the prison, especially a lawyer. The bill includes unlimited detainee provisions. Contact Mccain and Kyle to pass an amendment to give Americans their lawful rights and not give the president unlimited power.