Book Review: The Southern Foodie

The Southern Foodie by Chris Chamberlain was the first cookbook I have ever reviewed, especially on a kindle. The moment you open the cookbook on kindle you get right into the index.

On my food blog, Whine and Cheese, I featured some of the recipes. The recipes are great, but some do not explain clearly on how to prepare the ingredients. In one recipe, I wasn’t sure if I should cook the fresh collard greens. In the Southwest, we do not have canned collard greens on the shelves. It’s distinctly southern. But we do have them fresh in the produce section. Having never tried collard greens, I didn’t know whether collard greens are steamed or what-not, and had to guess.

The stories of the different restaurants in the south read like a review. They were less interesting than the recipes themselves. The recipes I tried turned out great, and since I usually substitute or improve upon any recipe, that is not a detriment to the book. I have decided to keep the cookbook on my kindle and not delete it. I am still working on trying the recipes. My food blog is accessible at

I would recommend the book to anyone curious about southern cuisine. Just don’t expect the narratives on the restaurants to excite you as the shows on the Food Network or to read like Rachel Ray’s travel/recipe book. I gave this book four stars.

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