December Challenge: Give a Hot Chocolate Away (Give Yourself Away)

The election didn’t change anything in our country. It dampened a lot of spirits. I foresee Christmas gift giving dampening, too. With the advent of more lay-offs, business closings, a tax hike, and the fiscal cliff, Christmas might feel a little glum. That area beneath the tree may have more gaps between the presents as people become practical. So it’s time for my December challenge.

Like my week-long series in November said, we as Americans need to not focus on self. Let’s try to raise the spirits of those around us instead of competing for Christmas presents and sales. It’s just more stuff. Our joy is in the Lord. He gave us the ultimate present—Salvation. Let’s follow the greatest commandment this month—to love one another.

Every December the Salvation Army comes out and bell ringers park themselves in front of stores. Sometimes, it’s cold. For them, it may be a long day. I can’t imagine listening to the ringing of that bell for eight hours. They do so without complaining. Let’s reward them.

Buy your Salvation Army bell ringer a hot chocolate, a donut, or what-not. Give them an encouraging card. They do want your money, too. So don’t forget to drop a dollar into the bucket. We can afford $2-$3 out of our pocket. Some places they ring in front of offer hot chocolate for $1. Save those pennies, dimes, and quarters in a jar and be generous even if only in this small way. Sometimes, it’s the small stuff that go the miles.

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6 thoughts on “December Challenge: Give a Hot Chocolate Away (Give Yourself Away)”

  1. I had someone do this for me last year and it made all the difference. I’m including a link to your post in my blog about that very thing. Thanks for sharing your great idea!!


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