Patriot Hope: Financial Heroes

Haym Solomon, financier of the American Revolution
Haym Solomon, financier of the American Revolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Non-profits depend upon money from tithing to keep ministries afloat, pay wages, and fund God’s purposes. Dollars are used to buy canned goods for food banks or a hot chocolate for someone who needs a little encouragement. The Founding Fathers gave all.

Haym Salomon, born to Jewish parents in Poland in 1740 fled religious persecution from the Russians in 1772. Pennsylvania “did not allow Jews or other non-Christians to hold public office.” He and others lobbied successfully for religious freedom. Haym bailed out the federal government time and time again until in 1785 he passed away owning $354,000 in Continental securities. Inflation had reduced their value to $44,732, but his estate owed $45,292. He died in bankruptcy. He financed the American Revolution.

Other stories exist, too, of patriots who gave all to fund or help defend their country. Charles Carroll had a value of two million dollars (today would be thirty million) and risked his fortune when he signed the Declaration of Independence. Carroll said, “God grant that this religious liberty may be preserved in these States, to the end of time, and that all believing in the religion of Christ may practice the leading principle of charity, the basis of every virtue.”

If you’ll recall in the Bible in Exodus and others, God provided the money needed to build His temple and to feed and care for His people. Financial heroes give because they realize God gave them what they earned and what they give back is God’s. In spite of the lack of money many suffered during and after the American Revolution, God provided. He will provide again.

They say, what comes out of our mouths reflects the trueness of the heart. I say, what comes out of our wallets reflects our real motivations. In our Bible study last week, we discussed hoarding and how we hoard our wealth and our things to our devastation. We need to pay our workers like it says in the Bible what we promised. Businesses hire illegals making Americans struggle financially as they seek jobs. Businesses pay one wage in the mid-west and east, but for the same job a much lower wage in the state of Arizona. Whatever we’re being paid, we should live sacrificially.

Living sacrificially means giving of our time and money. It means in our small way we can contribute to society whether it’s writing a check for a charity or donating a dollar through the check-out line. It’s amazing how much money still exists in our country that when a charity needs it, the money comes pouring in; from wealthy Americans to the layman working behind the register. The next time we demonize ALL wealthy Americans, remember the charities and businesses their wealth supports. A lot of good, wealthy men in the American Revolution sacrificed much and left much in their legacy.

Write a prayer for your favorite charity or a charity you wish you had the money to donate towards.