Patriot Hope: Why You Should Hold On

On Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama listen...
On Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama listens to a question from a member of the House Republican caucus. After the meeting, he gave some brief remarks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On November 6 whether through voter fraud or legitimate voting, President Barack Obama won the election by an alleged electoral landslide. With a divided nation and a divided government and the controlling party still not compromising on any issue, America is heading towards the much talked of fiscal cliff.

Politics aside, America can’t let despondency dictate their everyday lives. We have a tough fight ahead of us. Job loss is record breaking with more companies staggering on the brink of letting go of more people because of Obamacare. Costs will rise to cover the cost of any tax hikes on the wealthy. With the expense of new regulations on businesses and with Obamacare, we need to continue moving forward and be a light.

Life hasn’t stopped. Our children still go to school. Our responsibilities haven’t changed. The needs of our churches haven’t changed. Churches and organizations need volunteers. They need donations. Christianity can survive even the toughest governments (think underground churches in China) because God is still in control. We can take comfort in this. With that being said, I have chosen to focus on a couple of the patriots mentioned in American Patriots: Answering The Call To Freedom by Rick Santorum. My husband, Tony will conclude this series on Saturday, November 24 with his thoughts on George Washington—a Christian.

The people I focus on contributed to our nations freedom through small and large means. In spite of the corruption today which seems to have no accountability, we need to stay above board in our communications, emails, actions, social networking and not allow the other side to take away the one thing no government has the power to destroy—our hope in Jesus Christ! Our independence is through hope and that’s what this series is all about—not politics; but what you can do with what gifts you’ve been given in order to keep hope aflame. It has nothing to do with being Republican or Democrat.

Will you join me this week? In the comments below, write a prayer for our country. No political talk. 


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