Anonymous Blogger: Amnesty Plus!

My anonymous blogger hands me her blogs handwritten. She is a true patriot voice, researching, calling, and tirelessly working to make known bills coming up for vote.


Call Kyle and McCain:

1) Vote NO on Senate Bill 6–an “Amnesty Plus” bill. We need to secure our borders first!

Call Kyle, McCain, and Gosar:

2) Reject “Agenda 21”–an attempt by the United Nations to infiltrate our cities and communities by taking control of nearly every aspect of our lives–also known as “sustainable growth.”

The Pacific Legal Foundation is bringing Obamacare back to the courts. Now that it’s been declared a tax, the Pacific Legal Foundation says a tax can’t be placed on the American people unless first passed by the House of Representatives. You can learn more about them and this case at


Agenda 21 is not some wild conspiracy theory. You can find information on it by Googling it. With United Nations Election Inspectors called in prior to our presidential election it no longer seems so wild. There’s a lot of scary things happening in our country. God is still in control.