A Balanced Argument on Homosexuality

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English: The New York Times building in New York, NY across from the Port Authority. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe God gives us truth through His scripture. We know when we do wrong if we are a believer. When you know something is wrong, you express it in various forms of guilt, spoken or unspoken, and may or may not justify it. That being said, I am very impressed with The Christian Post. Someone alerted me to the three-part series that you must read whether you believe being gay is a sin in God’s eyes or not. Before you argue on The Christian Post, read all three articles.

Because discussion is not necessary here for this topic, I encourage you to leave your comments at The Christian Post, but only after reading all three articles. Just like the other person said to me, I also encourage you to share this on your blogs and emails. Share all three posts. Feel free to copy this post on your own blog or emails.

Matthew Vines (www.matthewvines.com) is a gay affirming Christian. He was featured in The New York Times.

The Christian Post three-part series based on Vines original feature goes like this:

The first was a personal interview done on 9/25/2012 of Matthew Vines.

The second part is an article featuring conservative Bible scholars and theologians in response to Vines on 9/28/12.

The third features Christians who have experienced homosexual feelings and either agree or disagree with Vines (10/1/12).

Christopher Yuan wrote a response. You might remember that I wrote a review of his book, “Out of a Far Country.”

Read them and read them with the Bible in hand and prayer on your hearts.

On a unrelated item, Beth Moore spoke about God’s idea of submission. It’s not just a marriage thing, Melissa Fitzgerald said in the video series, James Mercy Triumphs. Submission to God’s way is holy. Living out our faith is what the book of James speaks about. In this culture, we often look to God’s Word to affirm our beliefs rather than looking to it for guidance. Christopher Yuan in his book, Out of a Far Country, looked at the Bible while in prison to gain God’s truth.

Now it’s your turn. May I also remind Christians that love is the greatest commandment and when people first come to Christ they are not yet whole. The journey for them has just begun. Those who are not saved and those who are saved and struggle to repent need our prayers. Most of all, a person struggling with homosexuality needs our compassion.