Do You “Read” Your Checkbook?

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A person’s checkbook is like a personal diary into what they really believe, their priorities. Sometimes, I “read” my checkbook.

A person can say one thing, but their checkbook will always tell the truth. Everything we buy is a choice and that choice reflects our priorities. Once in a while, I read my checkbook like a stranger peeking into someone else’s life. Are my priorities reflecting God’s transformational power in my life?

When I was a young adult, I claimed I couldn’t afford tithing, but I could afford to buy lunch, Starbucks, and the other stuff that put me further in debt. In other words, I was telling God He wasn’t my priority when I put all these other desires in front of Him. When I choose something, I am choosing to make that something a priority over something else whether out of necessity or selfishness.

And last week, I put my writing over spending time with God in some instances.

Life is about priorities, choices.

Do you read your checkbook?


5 thoughts on “Do You “Read” Your Checkbook?”

  1. Ouch. Since my husband started visiting around to different churches this past spring, we didn’t give consistently to any one place. But now that we’re settling in, we started back this past Sunday, and it felt good. Thanks for this reminder to look at our checkbooks to see if our faith and money are matching up.


    1. LOL. Reminded me of our sermon this past week. Forget the masks. I try to be an obedient follower, but I can’t measure up. I just do the best I can in walking where He wants me to walk. :o)


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