Anonymous Blogger: English As Our Primary Language

For those who are not familiar with our anonymous blogger contributor, this lady drops off a handwritten note when things come up. She spends countless hours combing through information, calling people, and researching things. Because of her dedication to our country, I have given her a platform here to encourage us all to be that dedicated to keeping abreast of what goes on in our government. We should all be just as informed. Not like those supporters of Obama, who had no idea when interviewed by Howard Stern the issues of the day. I am a little late in posting, and so I hope that it’s not too late to call.

ccv resources.comDear Nikki,

1: Please call Kyle, McCain, and Gosar – Ask them to support passage of the Official English bill HR997/S503 and establish English as our country’s official language. This would simplify much and save the taxpayer millions of dollars ($42 million at last estimate).

2: Call Senator Harry Reid of Nevada – Ask him to bring Frank Wolf’s bill HR440 out of committee to the Senate floor for an up or down vote. Ask Kyle, McCain to support passage of this bill which has been tabled in the Senate since last year. It passed almost unanimously in the House. It would provide for the appointment of a religious envoy to promote freedom for religious minorities in South Central Asia.

From approximately two weeks ago plus or minus….

Dear Nikki,

Have been out of touch with you for a while, but do have some bills that might be wise to call about now that Congress is back in session before the elections in November:

For Kyl, McCain and Gosar…

1: Vote no on Senate Bill 6 — Amnesty Plus. We need to secure the borders first. (Kyle-McCain only).

2: Vote to support House Congressional Resolution 763 (To protect religious minorities in Syria).

3: Vote to support the Second Amendment Protection Act – HR3594 – The right to keep and bear arms.

4: No social security for illegal immigrants – HR787 (Support this especially because by the time most of us reach Social Security age after putting in all of our lives, we’ll have nothing left).

5: Support the Medicare Fraud Enforcement and Prevention Act HR3735.

6: Support the Social Security Lock Box Act of 2011 – Senate Bill 123.