Hear the Voice Behind You

The hardest thing to do is to put aside something you’ve worked on for nearly a year. Having marketed it and received both encouragement and helpful suggestions, I chose this past weekend to put aside my Contemporary Fantasy, “The Origin Series,” for almost a year. I need to see Book 1: The Rose Door with fresher eyes. I’ve read it so much that I can no longer see what’s wrong. Granted, I’ve not sent it out to more than a couple of publishers and spoken to a couple of agents about it.

It wasn’t easy to come to this decision. My heart is in this series and I am still confident that it’s a good series. It seems that God is affirming my decision in many ways.

You’ll laugh.

The sermon on Sunday confirmed abstractedly that it was a good decision. My Word Weavers leader affirmed it was a good decision. Then, on Monday morning I received my daily devotional from “Lead Like Jesus.”

It said:

“Fluid circumstances require leaders who are both discerning and responsive to the changes and people around them. We can follow Jesus, who knew when to continue with His stated goals and when to turn aside to respond to new developments.”

Followed by this from Isaiah 30:21:

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”–Isaiah 30:21

Beginning the first week of October, I will begin and finish outlining a paranormal urban suspense called, “Broken Compass.” It’s part of the Christian Speculative Fiction genre. Then, I will steadfastly write this novel with a weekly/daily word count regiment. I hope you will pray for me.

One of the things that Andy Andrews wrote on my Women of Faith brochure when he signed his name was, “Persist!” That word has echoed in my mind eversince. When I feel discouraged or wondering if the journey is worth it, I hear the word in my mind.

What do you struggle with in the writing world? And how can I encourage you?


6 thoughts on “Hear the Voice Behind You”

  1. I love when God gives us the same answer over and over from a variety of places. Glad you’re hearing from him in that way.

    What do I struggle with in the writing world? Not getting enough time to be in it. 🙂 I’m always greedy for more time to sit still and write. But if I didn’t get out and about some, I guess I’d have nothing to write about. ha.


  2. I agree that sometimes we have to step back and take a second look. I try to let a draft sit for six months before reading it through. It usually opens my eyes to the places where the plot drags, when a character has done a stupid pet so completely out of character as to upset the balance of the story. And sometimes the manuscript needs to gather cyberdust. Forever. Good luck.


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