Book Review: The Deposit Slip

When Jared Neaton left Missions Falls, he left behind the gossip and a father who spent time in prison for embezzlement. When Erin Larson picks up the pieces of her father’s estate after his death, she finds in her father’s safe deposit box a deposit slip dated 2008 for 10 million dollars. The Deposit Slip by Todd M. Johnson is a story of legal intrigue.

Suing the bank in Missions Falls proves dangerous. Erin’s first attorney backs down from the bullying tactics of the big law firm. Money is running out. With the bank pumping out a nasty public relations attack on Erin and her lawsuit, the town is divided. Erin must find a new lawyer in one week.

Jared’s old mentor hands Jared the case with the promise of a big pay out, but his firm is struggling. The last big case that promised a big pay out became a financial disaster. Jared runs the firm alone with his assistant, Jesse. Jesse came over with him from the corrupt firm they left. Both sacrificed a lot and things haven’t improved. Jared hesitates to take it. Jesse adamantly disapproves of him taking this case.

Through legal maneuverings Jared takes the case and finds it to be the most challenging legal case of his career. The law determines a deposit slip isn’t proof of the money. One must prove the bank took the deposit and the money wasn’t spent. The bank has covered up the deposit with the law firm having deep pockets and a certain Federal Reserve man in those pockets. The death threats didn’t just start with Erin when she pursued the deposit. It began with Erin’s father. A few shot out windowpanes sit in the barn on the property.

The Deposit Slip is a great novel of intrigue and the end hinted at other cases involving Jesse and Jared. I gave the novel five stars and look forward to more books in the series.

*Book given by publisher to review.