Whine and Cheese Girl (NEW!)

J. P Chenet French wine, a popular UK grocery ...
J. P Chenet French wine, a popular UK grocery store brand, in a photographic collage with grapes and bread. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whine and Cheese Girl

I am a middle class girl on a shoestring budget. Whine and Cheese Girl was created to reach out to the lay person–the person who works five plus days a week and lives on a shoestring budget like me. This economy makes it difficult to have the finer things in life like a good bottle of wine or a fine beer. Even worse, some of us are at the grocery store with a filet minon in one hand and ground beef in the other. We weigh our options as we shop. We try to make the best out of a bad situation, to create something fine at home in our kitchens because going out to eat maybe happens once a month.

If you’re like me, your grand night out is a coffee shop and board games with the hubby.

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