Panic!’s difficult to share things—to have the courage to share. Things that become emotional clog in my throat, my breathing becomes labored, and I smile and nod. I sit so still and I don’t want to look at anyone. Part of me wonders as I struggle for breath if I am about to have a panic attack.

Then, God answers my soundless cry. It’s reassuring and my breathing becomes normal. Emotions though have always been difficult to handle. I still want to be that woman who can handle anything, forgetting His lesson that I do not have to be strong. God has given me a great support system. I should just let Him be strong. His protective hand remains and I feel it with me, steadying me. I am determined to live as though each person is trustable, trusting God to piece together my heart should someone shatter it.

And that will happen—someone will betray me or disappoint me, but I don’t have to let it affect me in such a way that I live isolated in a crowd. I choose to love. I choose friendships. I choose risk. Because a life in hiding is no life at all, but a self-made prison binding me to bitter judgment and cynicism.

As Beth Moore says, “Life is challenging, but it is never empty.” My life is full and I like it that way. I like what God is doing to my life and how He is changing me. I found my voice and I am learning to live fearlessly. I am learning the joy of life even as it challenges me. I no longer feel that empty longing and I am learning there are others who have suffered, too. Their compassion, love, and authenticity reminds me of God’s presence. He is everywhere and I am loved and I feel His love every day.

So thank you, Lord, for not letting go and for making a way through my walls.


16 thoughts on “Panic!”

  1. I am finding it amazing how many of us are in the exact same spot…God is up to something wonderful…glad to find another sister on this journey!


  2. That’s living the life of transparency. For certain, you’re not alone. You just have God-given courage and strength to voice your fears, break the chains, and live the life God intends for you. And through your blog, you’re a shining example to others of the life they too can have with God as the source.


  3. I can relate with much of what you’ve said. (This post could be a cousin of the one I wrote yesterday.) I’m glad that God is enabling you to live fearlessly for Him!


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