No Food in The Fridge

Compassion International
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Earlier this year, I volunteered to be a child correspondent with Compassion International. While our finances are tight, my husband and I are enjoying filling the gap and sending letters to unsponsored children. It surprised me when I heard that even some sponsored children don’t get letters.

A few letters and one package later, I get a response from him. It’s translated by someone else and I couldn’t help but smile when I read his favorites and heard his voice through the translators. The child lives in India. He has a large family, but at eleven years old his education is not like the eleven year olds in our country.  He doesn’t have a computer. He lives in a brick home, but his family brings home shockingly small pay and their food choices are few. My husband read his letter and sent me a text at work. Our child’s words as expressed through the translator caused my husband to re-think things. It caused me to think.

That started when I opened my refrigerator and mentally groused on the few food choices there. When I closed the refrigerator door, my child’s letter eased away the sigh in my heart. While he eats so little I eat much. There’s a Starbucks on every corner, a grocery store, food banks, and many, many amenities that our child can’t enjoy. Here I stand in the cool air of my refrigerator while my child’s parents probably shop daily. They probably don’t have a refrigerator. They eat for survival, not pleasure.

So I thanked God for my scrambled eggs with a bit of thyme, my toast and jam, and my glass of cold milk. I thanked God for organizations like Compassion who help children in poorer countries get the education and food they need to live healthy lives. I thanked God for my husband who said, “Let’s send him $25.”

And I remember how many times our pastor preached on giving and how many books I’ve read where the same lesson is told: God gives even the tightest purse strings plenty so we give out of our abundance to others and others give out of their abundance. Believe it or not, even the tightest among us can give, because God will bless us with what we need and there is always a little left to take care of our own needs, too.

It’s a matter of wise stewardship with what God has provided and belief, too, in His promises.


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