Book Review: Help For The Fractured Soul

Help For the Fractured Soul by Candyce Roberts takes from the perspective of a prayer ministry on how to help victims of deep trauma; specifically, those who are multiple personalities (or as Candyce prefers to call them, fractured souls).

Some of these pages could refer to other deep traumas. I know I could relate to a few of these segments, like isolating oneself or living in fear. Chapter 6 on Forgiveness and Health is very helpful to anyone struggling to heal and forgive their abusers.

“When individuals are not willing to forgive their abusers, I explain to them that they are allowing a barrier to remain in their hearts that will hinder their ability to be healed. I often suggest that we stop ministry for the day in order to allow them time to consider their choice to forgive. When unforgiveness becomes an issue for survivors, and they are stuck in a place where they refuse to forgive, I tell them to come back when they are ready to move forward.” (Pg. 101)

Mainly, this book addresses those who have gone through ritualistic satanic abuse, but it also touches upon different causes of deep trauma centering specifically on fractured souls. Fractured souls or multiple personalities are when a deep trauma has fractured the mind into different pieces or personalities of themselves. Some of these people can get degrees and do things with one or more of their personalities that on their own they couldn’t do themselves. It was interesting to note that when through Jesus the fractured mind became whole, these highly intelligent people could not do what they did to get the degree. They lost some of their gifts in the process of becoming whole.

Also, some with fractured personalities have temporary amnesia where they disappear and appear someplace else with no memory how they arrived at that place. They became one personality for a little while. What gave me chills was the description of one of Candyce’s patients who became the little girl personality and spoke to Candyce with a blanket over his head. He was a male whose personalities argued about his true gender. He often dressed as a woman to satiate one of his personalities. Help for the Fractured Soul is a great study for those in prayer ministry.

The book is directed at those in prayer ministry and teaches how to address people with traumatic pasts. I found this incredibly insightful and helpful where it concerns prayer ministry and me. It’s great for those who have experienced deep traumas even though they do not have a fractured soul.

I gave the book five stars.

*Book given by publisher to review.