God in a Chinese Fortune Cookie


Dear God,

In “Oh, God Book 2” the little girl receives a message from you in a Chinese cookie. After watching that movie, I often wished when I cracked open a Chinese cookie your message would be on that sliver of paper–a clear direction in a confusing world.

But then, I am reminded what Mondays With My Old Pastor, by Jose Luis Navajo said, “Don’t despair if you don’t understand the meaning of something today. Keep eating the fruit. This is also the message of the cross.” He pointed to the dozen crucifixes that decorated the simple room. “We do not understand what happened there until we visit the tomb and find it empty. Too often we despair and give up in the middle of the storm, when the only thing we should do is trust and wait. The storm will pass, and then we will discover that the waves that terrified us were actually the same waves that served to alter the course of our sailing causing us to dock in the right harbor.”

My Father, I know you don’t speak through a Chinese cookie. I only have to fall back on your Word. You gave us that and the Holy Spirit. You gave us your Son. You gave us you.

Hear my prayer, O Lord,

and give ear to my cry;

hold not your peace at my tears!

For I am a sojourner with you,

a guest, like all my fathers,

Look away from me, that I may smile again,

before I depart and am no more!

– Psalm 39:12-13

So when I eat at a Chinese restaurant, I won’t look for a sign from you in a Chinese cookie. I’ll look on my knees. I’ll look in the pages of your book. You are praiseworthy, my Father.

And I’ll wait and pray, however long it takes.

Love, your daughter


10 thoughts on “God in a Chinese Fortune Cookie”

  1. OH, I LOVE this! First of all because I absolutely loved that movie out of all the Oh God sequels (and was just remembering it the other day, wondering if it is on DVD). I love the photo you used up top. So perfect! But most of all I love the truth of all you said here… and how God wants to speak to us through His word, put it in our hearts, use it to do so much more in us than we even fathom. Thanks for sharing your beautiful letter! (Now I want to see that movie again, too… I just remember the child being so touching…but of course that was awhile ago. Memories don’t always hold up)


  2. It seems as though fortune-cookie fortunes are getting sillier and sillier, too! 🙂

    Seriously, I am waiting and praying right alongside you. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


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