I Know You Won’t Listen to Me

Dear Little Girl Me,

I know you won’t listen to me. You aren’t listening to anyone these days. Do not dismiss what your instinct is telling you. That’s the Holy Spirit talking. Even though you aren’t saved yet, you’re searching for Jesus. First, you thought baptism would save you and if you acted a certain way, dressed in a certain way, maybe God would love you. Maybe you would be good enough to get to Heaven. You got out of that false religion for the wrong reasons and yet it caused you to research that religion. It many ways that was a step closer in the right direction. Then, you lost your way.

That anger inside of you is like a disease.

Trust me when I tell you the anger will eat you up inside, like one of those tissue-eating bacteria you’ve read about. Some days those conversations with the invisible rendition of your birth father behind the closed door of your room are angry; other days they are calm, almost forgiving.


You won’t forgive him until your mid-thirties. This issue won’t go away. You should listen to that instinct that tells you at eighteen to call your birth father even though that will cause problems. There’s always two sides to every story.

In divorce, there are no bad guys or good guys, except in abuse situations—it’s just two brokenhearted people standing in the pool of discarded dreams or unrealistic expectations. You’re in the middle, wet with their tears, heavy with their burdens and hurts. Your birth father will nearly die because of heart issues and when you find him years from now, you’ll feel closure and relief that you called him and he was still alive. That’s all you needed anyway. You already know Jesus loves you. As Psalm 27:10 assures you, you have a Father in Heaven, but right now at eighteen all you want to feel is loved. You trade a piece of yourself every time you lie with a man outside the bounds of marriage.

One day you’ll meet the right man and you’ll treat him, at first, harshly, but you’ll marry him and that marriage will be what God uses to bring you to Him. It will be the final chess move and you’ll be stronger. You’ll finally know love. But for now you’ll try to find that love in men, crossing that moral line, and then, you’ll go to credit cards.

You’ll spend money you don’t have and can’t pay back because buying clothes and jewelry makes you feel complete. Coming out with an armful of new stuff, fills for the moment the gap in your soul. It only works for a little while and then the “drug” wears off and you’re restless again. You know something is wrong, but you’re looking in the wrong direction for what you need. What you are looking for is not available. I know you hurt right now and no one is listening. You don’t know how to explain your hurt or anger, or how to express it. You don’t know who will listen. You’re always scared. You’re always hiding behind your books.

You’re always hiding.


Stop hiding.


It’s time to heal.


And to heal, you need to be brave.


Love, Big Girl Me


14 thoughts on “I Know You Won’t Listen to Me”

  1. Nikole, I have been away from visiting here in so long. I have kept up with your FB posts though. Your letter is so raw and honest. I love it. I relate to the end, stop hiding, it’s time to heal and be brave. I wrote something similar over at my place. Thank you for all you do and share and just for being you! 🙂


  2. Thank you for your honesty and sharing from your heart. It’s amazing the lessons we learn and how amazing our God really is. He is the ultimate healer and the One we’ve always been searching for.


  3. Nikole, this is beautiful and raw and real and true. I’m glad you were brave enough to write it. Because WE are listening. This line – “As Psalm 27:10 assures you, you have a Father in Heaven, but right now at eighteen all you want to feel is loved. You trade a piece of yourself every time you lie with a man outside the bounds of marriage.” – oh, I know that ache. I lived that awfulness, or a version of it. If you need to read someone else’s real and raw, head over to my letter so you know you’re not alone. It was the hardest post I’ve ever had to hit the “publish” button on yet.



  4. This is so great. I can relate to the hiding, the anger gnawing away at your insides, the wanting to be loved by a father who’s not there. Oh yes. But isn’t God so good that He brings us through it all. We become the person He means us to be. Thank you for sharing, my friend.


  5. Well said. I can relate to some of what you’ve said, and definitely the “I know you won’t listen” part. I used to know everything, too. 🙂


  6. This was incredible. This is my first time doing a Faith Jam, and I’m so glad I did. This letter was so powerful and absolutely spoke to me on several levels – personal, spiritual, and emotional. Well done! I’ll be reading this again and following your blog!


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