Running on Empty

Relaxation in Tel Aviv hotel.
Relaxation in Tel Aviv hotel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The light from the windows grew dim like my mood as my mind gnawed on my to-do list. The shows on television barely kept my interest. I wanted to watch a movie, but we couldn’t afford to rent one. I sipped my wine, leaned into the cushions on the couch, and tried to divert my mind from a project I had been procrastinating on finishing. All day I wrote, never changing out of my pajamas, and at five o’clock realized I needed to stop. Every job has a quitting time.

It left me feeling empty because of that unfinished project. Yet spending all day in the house usually leaves me feeling restless. Having enough free time to write is not always a guarantee I will write. I can get everything done in the time I am given as long as I stay disciplined. But the needle on my energy gauge shivered on empty.

This morning I spent time with God and watched as the needle on my energy gauge rose to full. The week looks tight and every moment will be used to accomplish my projects so that by Sunday I can sit back, enjoy a languid afternoon, and sip some wine and eat some cheese. If I have my way, that project will be submitted by the end of the week. I will finish it because I’ve been running on empty, putting God in the backseat and not letting Him refill my tank.

What do you do to run on full?