Book Review: Fearless

Fearless by Eric Blehm describes a real-life Rambo named Adam Brown. Adam, a Navy Seal Team Six member, was far more inspirational than Stallone’s character in the Rambo series. In this book, Eric shows us a man who fought demons on and off the battlefield. Unlike Rambo, this man knew God and from his very beginnings, Adam lived invincible.

Eric describes the stunts Adam executed, even as a child that could not do much more than crawl. His parents had to saw the legs off of his crib so Adam wouldn’t have far to fall. From climbing out of the crib, to launching himself off of the roof as a toddler, to jumping as a teenager from a speeding car over the 70 West Bridge 20 feet into the river, Adam felt no fear. Instead, he saw possibilities.

In fact, one of his coaches on the football team said this:

“That one little sophomore (Brown) taught our whole team more about character in a few minutes than any of us coaches could have in an entire season. He wasn’t going to be the big star lineman that his brother was, but what impressed me was this kid was not scared. He was determined that he was not going to let his size keep him from doing whatever he wanted to do.” (Pg. 22 and 23)

Some people seem touched by God—those remarkable spirits who don’t get to live into their old age. They are like that shooting star in the black sky, streaking through the night, capturing your attention, then its gone; and yet the experience, or in this instance, the influence, the impression stays with you forever. Adam Brown’s story felt just like that. What Adam never said with words he exemplified in action. That was until crack got into his system.

That demon, as his steadfast fiancée and eventually wife, Kelly, said was a voice that always called him back to the addiction. Desperate to escape that addiction, Adam got clean and joined the Navy; then, applied for the Seal team.

Adam’s Rambo performance, his loyalty, team work, and his belief in God influenced many team members. The man was well-loved by many far and wide. Kelly describes Adam as a thoughtful and dedicated father and husband. In spite of many long missions away from home, their marriage grew strong.

Eric Blehm brings Adam’s life alive, writing Adam’s story through massive interviews and well researched information, giving honor to Adam’s Seal mates who would later not survive another mission. Eric easily inducts your heart into the story. Adam, in every way, was a walking example of what it means to be a Christian. How he handled the ups and painful downs of his life left its mark on me.

Adam’s family, team mates, former team mates, acquaintances, and an entire community mourned his death. He died in battle in Pakistan. One life affected these people, and he didn’t write a word. He lived life passionately, imperfectly, and poured his soul into every day, making the most of the time God gave him here. Later, his team mates exacted revenge when they took out Osama Bin Laden.

God bless the military. I gave this book five stars.

*Book given by publisher to review.