Anonymous Blogger: United Nations

An envelope was left for me from my anonymous blogger. As exciting as that sounds, I really do know her name. She has asked to remain anonymous, but spends hours calling people and spreading the word in typical, grass roots fashion. So here is her latest!


Dear Nikole,

According to GOP Senator, Bob Corker, we already have sufficient laws in our country to protect children. Please call Kyle and McCain to ask them to vote against the ratification of the United Nations Treaty on children with disabilities act. We would be ceding our authority to the United Nations that belongs to our country.

Please call Kyle, McCain and Gosar:

1) Ask them to support A or H168 (couldn’t read her writing) – The Voter Fraud Prevention Act–to stop illegal immigrants from being free to participate in the United States elections.

Please call Kyle and McCain:

2) Reiterate to them that we want no part in the ratification of any treaty with the United Nations–in particular United Nations Global Taxes–Gun Control, laws on small arms treaties. Those regarding guns are something the enemies of our country, within and without, could use to take control of our weapons at their discretion. As far as gun control, we can pass our own laws here in the U.S. (Note from Nikki: I do not agree that there should be any gun control as that only affects law-abiding citizens, not criminals; we all ready have criminal laws for murder and such to prosecute) and do not need or want to give control of that to the United Nations.

Contact Gosar:

3) From a letter sent to Gosar: “A catastrophic bill has cleared the U.S. Senate that will give Obama’s Executive Branch and the Internal Revenue Service unprecedented power to confiscate American citizens’ passports, relegate them to the “no fly list” and thereby strip them of personal firearms ownership.” Please stop the bill called, “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act” (MAP 21) also, “restricts foreign travel and triggers a train of abuses against civil liberties, solely on a claim by the IRS that $50,000 or more is owed in unpaid taxes.

“MAP 21 would further attack the Second Amendment because when a citizen goes on the “no-fly list,” his name is enrolled among potential domestic terrorists, who cannot be allowed to bear arms. The bill also includes a mandate for putting location tracking black boxes into personal vehicles, even though there is neither a rational nor scientific need, nor any other justification for such Orwellian Big Brother intrusion by government into the sphere of citizens private freedom of action.”

“Don’t be fooled by an offer for Keystone Pipeline funding. Please include that in other bills.”

(name deleted)