60 Things We Say That We Don’t Mean

“Have you ever noticed that we say an awful lot of things that we don’t mean? We think it’s harmless but after a while you begin to talk yourself into acting out the things you say but you really don’t mean. You say them because you’re tired, upset, or angry. What you say is really important because it exposes the content of your heart. Here are ten things I hear people say all the time that I know they really don’t mean. And since we don’t mean them, we need to drop them from our vocabulary.” – David Foster (read more here)

mean pea
mean pea (Photo credit: pinprick)

On the radio the other day, the DJ said that we say 60 things a day we don’t mean. I wondered how many of us would admit to it? On Facebook, I posted this and asked the question, “What do you say that you don’t mean?”

At first, people skirted the issue. They wanted to hear my answer first. Rather than give them my answer, I gave them a hint. We’re such a polite society that to not offend anyone means more to us than telling the truth. We also think no one is interested in our answer to questions like, “How are you?”

So we say, “we’re fine,” when we’re a wreck. Our car was wrapped around a telephone pole, but we’re okay. We’re too busy being fine instead of leaning on our church family. Another common, meaningless statement is the offer of help when we don’t really want to help someone; or when you ask someone to volunteer and they say maybe, when they mean no.

The radio DJ gave his listeners food for thought; to the Christian like me, a strange kind of disquiet, like, “Oh, yeah, I do that, too.” When I urged my Facebook friends to be brave and courageous and admit it, I was very interested in seeing the responses.

How many would dig a little deeper, review their past conversations, or allow God to use such a simple statement to unpeel another onion skin from their soul?

What do you say that you don’t mean?