A Life of Words: Linda Yezak @pprmint777

Name of blog:   777 Peppermint Place

Your Name:   Linda Yezak

Your Twitter: @pprmint777

              Your Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GivetheLadyaRide

NH: Why did you pick that name? 

LY: The triple seven symbolizes the perfection of my Savior, and Peppermint was my CB handle back in the day. I figured I’d put them both together for an address where my friends can drop by and visit.

NH: What prompted you to begin blogging? 

LY: Like so many other authors, I started because I was told I was supposed to for marketing and promotion purposes. I’ve been at it for four years, and it does help. For a while, I blogged on Newsvine so I could spout my political frustrations to a bunch of folks who weren’t listening anyway, and I blogged on VibrantNation, aimed at women over 50, until I got too busy to care that I’m over 50.

 NH: What kind of blogs did you first write? 

 LY: I wrote and still write about writing, editing, publishing, and whatever else suits my fancy.

 NH: What mistakes did you make when you first blogged? 

 LY: Thinking that I was invisible led to some real killer mistakes. Let me put it this way: I found out about Google Alert the hard way. Twice.

 NH: What was your worst blog post in the beginning? Your best?

LY: Though it wasn’t too early in my blogging career, my worst post (tying in with question #5) was when I wrote about the new agent I’d just landed. Weirdest week of my life. I got and lost an agent within a few days of querying her. I was telling my readers that I’d been accepted by an agent, but didn’t know a thing about “the woman.” This was soon after Mike Hyatt wrote his post about asking questions of your agents to be sure you were getting someone you could trust and work with, and I was trying to come up with some questions to ask. Well, next day there was an email in my box. “Maybe you should hold out for another agent,” or something similar. Oy vey!

 So, lesson learned: You’re not as invisible in cyberspace as you may think.

 NH: Best post?

 LY: My favorite is “Yeah, I Deserved It” about another time I managed to walk around with my foot dangling from my mouth, but according to my stats, “Trippin’ with Mom” attracted a lot of attention from folks who were probably disappointed to discover that “trippin'” didn’t mean what they thought.

Although my posts about writing, editing, and publishing do okay, the posts that seem to do best are the ones about me. Just plain ol’ me . . . Someone needs to explain that one.

NH: What are your top 5 favorite blogs to read?

LY: Tough one, because I have so little time to read blogs, but I like K.M. Weiland’s “Wordplay,” Billy Coffey’s “What I Learned Today,” Duane Scott’s “Scribing the Journey,” Sandra Heska King’s “Deep See Diver,” Keith Wallis’s “Word Sculptures,” and Cindee Snyder Re’s “Breathe Deeply.” Whoa–that’s six. Oops. Still, I probably ought to include my other blog, a collaborative effort named “AuthorCulture.”

NH: What inspires you to blog?

LY: Life in general. I’m not deeply philosophical on my site, but I love to tell stories about what’s going on or about something that happened in the past. As long as I can get folks to laugh–or cry, sometimes–I’m happy.

NH: When do you write your posts and how long do they take?

LY: I’m terrible. I write my posts at the last minute, usually around four in the morning. How long they take depends on how inspired I am by my idea–if I have one at all.

NH: What was your worst comment? Your best?

LY: My favorite came from Bill Brohaugh, author of Write Tight, who found a post of mine in which I used something he’d written as an example–and it wasn’t too flattering, either. This was my other lesson about Google Alert, but it ended well. Still, to understand the comment, one would have to read the article, “Write Right.” Mr. Brohaugh let me off the hook easy.

One of my least favorite comments came from a sweet-hearted Christian who probably intended to make me feel better, but slapped me in the face with a guilt attack instead. I’d written a post complaining about something that had gone wrong, and what it was I needed to make it go right again. She commented, “As long as I have Jesus, I have everything I need!” Well, yeah, me too. What could I say?

 NH: When your first comments came and they weren’t family or friends, describe that feeling.

LY: Well, other than Brohaugh’s visit, the one that tickled me the most really was from family, because nobody from my family ever acknowledged my chosen career. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have family support, and while I’ve managed to gain it now that I’m published, it was hard to come by. So maybe you can imagine my surprise when my step-daughter left a comment on “Road Rage and Preparation H.” The real surprise came when she told me, “Yeah, I’ve always read your blog.” Huh???

 NH: Why do you blog now and how has that changed from your very beginnings?

LY: The reason hasn’t changed. I still write to entertain and enlighten–and because I’m supposed to. The main change is that now I have a book I’m pushing and a couple of businesses, The Canopy Bookstore, and Triple Edge Critique Service, although the bookstore doesn’t get much post space since it’s part time.

 NH: Do you have any comments to add for people who want to start blogs? Any advice?

LY: Advice? Do not follow my example. Seriously, that’s my advice. My readership shifts all the time. I have folks who love my personal stories, and folks who love my writing/editing/publishing posts, and if I spend too much time with either, I lose half my readers. Come up with something that your blog can be about, that will serve your readers well, and stick to it. Mine is just about as successful as its ever gonna get. But I’m not complaining.

NH: How many times a week do you post? 

LY: Three.

NH: Are you a believer? If not, what religion do you believe in? If a believer, what denomination do you attend?

LY: I’m a Christian, and a member of the Baptist church. Although I’ve been a believer all my life, I wasn’t raised in church. I was raised by a woman who taught me the “precept method” before anyone had even heard of Kay Arthur. So, sometimes, you’ll find me not being especially Baptist-like.

NH: Do people at your church or work know about your blog? What is their reaction?

LY: My Sunday class knows I write a blog, and a few other people. We’re primarily old folks. My friends have better things to do than hang out on the computer all the time. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

NH: What was your family’s reaction when you wanted to begin blogging?

 LY: Not particularly impressed. Mom loved it, though. She was born a generation too late. She would’ve loved the computer age, but now she can’t see worth a flip and can’t use it. Sad.

NH: Did you ever write a blog that made someone feel hurt? How did you reconcile that or resolve that?

LY: Yep–that was when I lost my agent. Never was resolved to my satisfaction, because I don’t know whether she ever accepted my apology.

NH: What can we pray about for you?

LY: Just pray for me when you think about it. God knows what my needs are, and when you bring my name to His throne, He’ll know what to do.

NH: How many hours do you social network and/or blog per week?

LY: Too many, but I’ve been cutting back. Social networking will suck ya dry of time if you’re not careful.

NH: How many readers do you get a month?

LY: Just under a thousand a month on average.

NH: Anything else you’d like to share about your blog?

LY: I welcome visitors, so drop by 777 Peppermint Place and leave a note for me. I’d love it!

About Linda:

Linda W. Yezak holds a BA in English, a graduate certificate in Paralegal Studies, and a bucket list as long as her arm. Among the things on the list is owning a stable full of horses, and since that’s not likely to happen any time soon, she includes horses in each of her novels, from her contemporary western romance Give the Lady a Ride and her current work, The Cat Lady’s Secret, to her work-in-progress, a contemporary western romance series tentatively called “Family First.” Until the day she can retire with her husband to their land in Central Texas and ride to her heart’s content, she’ll continue with her writing and freelance editing careers.

Note From Nikki: The purpose of this series is to show the heart behind some of the many blogs I read. Most of them might be Christian, but some of them aren’t believers. On July 23, we featured Lisa Notes. With all the great articles out there about social networking, building your brand, and marketing ones self in the world, I wanted to put a different spin on things. This series will make an attempt to get at the heart of the blogger. I’m not asking for submissions. So please keep your comments to prayers for Linda, questions for her, or encouragement for her as she fulfills this calling. As Bonnie Gray once said, your comments are a gift.


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