No, You Can’t Buy That Television

My husband called me that morning after a visit to a garage sale. “They have a very large hi-def television for only $600. They might be able to give it to me for $400 or $500.”

This was break room fodder. I couldn’t wait to share this conversation with my co-workers. “I need a new laptop.”

“But it’s a hi-def television.” He sounded so pitiful.

“You and I need new clothes. I need new running shoes.”

“If it doesn’t sell by Saturday, he said he’d give it to me for $400.” In the background, I could hear someone else talking in his ear. My husband replied with something like talking to the wife and trying to convince her that we need this nearly new television.

“You’ll regret that purchase when it depletes most of our emergency savings.” I said and laughed. “Look at me! I can’t keep a dollar in my pocket and here I am telling you not to buy something like that television. Oh, the irony!”

Later that evening, he was watching baseball. “I can’t see the players.”

“Then, you’d better get glasses.” I said.

We laughed.

It’s still a joke even now. I love that about our relationship; how we can talk about everything; how we never buy big purchases (anything over $20 in this economy) without consulting the other; and how we can laugh even as we try to out-manipulate each other where it concerns things like big screen televisions or extra Starbucks.

They say the biggest arguments couples have are over finances. Marriages are worth more than a big screen television. I’d rather have a relationship than all the toys this world could buy me.

What do you and your spouse argue over?


One thought on “No, You Can’t Buy That Television”

  1. WE hardly ever argue, its usually over little silly things and fun arguments. like who left the most lights on. and who is responisble for this one, now that the memorys are going. LOL


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