Like Relatives at a Family Reunion…

Why do we always begin our posts talking about the weather?

It goes something like this, “Today the monsoonal clouds began to gather like relatives at a family reunion, all stormy and grim…”

Okay, maybe that wasn’t quite right.

It’s what we do when we start a post reflecting upon our day. We begin with the weather, touching upon the blueness of the sky or how the golden rose droops on her stem as if bearing the weight of a friend’s prayer. We hope to inspire, move a person to emotion, but one of the things they teach us about writing is never to start with the weather. Talking about the weather reminds me of too many conversations where we’re grasping for something in common and the only thing we have in common is the weather.

I’ve had too many conversations like that in the past. It’s uncomfortable. I want to reach out, find the thread that connects like the fabric of blue sky that wraps us together—same world, different people. It’s the weather we come back to and bores us at the same time. The writer needs to start her blog post with a hook.

I like how Ann Voskamp begins her blogs. It’s as if I jumped into the middle of a conversation. Right away, I want to know what’s going to happen. I feel like I belong. No more am I discussing the weather, but now I am talking about farming or her kids or what verse of scripture she’s thinking about. It’s conversational, almost poetic.

I like to read that in blogs.

Then, we can discuss the weather, because then the weather is poetic or symbolic; not just someplace to begin because we lack the important stuff in common.

So what’s the weather like in your area spiritually speaking?