Life With Words: Michelle Gregory

Name of blog: beautiful chaos

Michelle Gregory

Your Twitter: trying to stay away from Twitter

Your Facebook page:!/pages/Michelle-D-Gregory/240386576394

Why did you pick that name?

I felt like it described my life at the time I started this particular blog. I still do. Life can be beautiful and chaotic all at once.

What prompted you to begin blogging?

Back in 2005, my first blog was Life in the Midst of Writing. It began as a way to express myself and share part of my life. It turned into a way to share the progress on my novel as I participated in NanoWrimo that year.

What kind of blogs did you first write?

I just had the one blog and it was mostly random.

What mistakes did you make when you first blogged?

I thought I had to blog every day and keep readers happy.

What was your worst blog post in the beginning?

I tend to delete the bad posts. Why keep them around?

Your best?

By far my favorite is Dancing with God ( ) I posted it back in January 2007 on the old blog and have re-posted it several times on my current blog.

What are your top 5 favorite blogs to read?

That’s hard because I read so many, and I have an eclectic list – from writing encouragement to writers’ blogs to paper arts. When I have a limited time for blog reading, the five of the blogs I make sure to visit are:

Kelly Kilmer Artist —

Inky Girl: Daily Diversions for Writers —

Pitch Slapped —

Write First, Blog Later —

The Brooklyn Scribbler —

What inspires you to blog?

My main intent is to encourage. I’m not trying to build a platform or get more readers.

When do you write your posts and how long do they take?

Unless I’m writing a post for the Insecure Writers’ Support Group (started by Alex J. Cavanaugh, and which I absolutely love participating in), I usually write them on the spur of the moment, or when I have some spare time. The length of time I spend on one depends on how long the post is and how much I want to tweak it.

What is your brand?

I don’t have a brand, but my tagline on the blog header is: a place for this writing mom to rant, write, and encourage.

What was your worst comment?

I try to not dredge up the worst comments, but I count any comment where the reader misunderstands my intent as a worst comment. Sometimes I even delete those.

Your best?

Any comment that encourages me, or lets me know that a reader connected with something I said is a best comment.

When your first comments came and they weren’t family or friends, describe that feeling.

It was nice to know someone other than friends were reading my blog. It made me feel like my influence was expanding.

Why do you blog now and how has that changed from your very beginnings?

I continue blogging to encourage, or share random stuff about myself, or to mention books or bloggers that I think are worthy of my readers’ time. I’m learning that I don’t have to suffer from “blog guilt” (not blogging every day), or that I have to conform to some “blogging formula” to get more readers, or that I have to promote my book on a regular basis. I try to be myself, and let my blog be what it is.

Do you have any comments to add for people who want to start blogs? Any advice?

— Let your blog be what it is. That will probably change over time.

— If your only blogging intent is to promote yourself, don’t blog. There are too many people out there saying, “Look at me. Buy my book or my product.” After awhile, your readers will get tired of it.

— Don’t feel like you have to blog every day.

— Be yourself.

How many times a week do you post?

I can post as often as two to three times a week, or as little as once a month. It depends on what’s going on in life.

Are you a believer? If not, what religion do you believe in? If a believer, what denomination do you attend?

Yes, I’m a believer, and I don’t belong to a particular denomination.

Do people at your church or work know about your blog? What is their reaction?

Not many of them know.

What was your family’s reaction when you wanted to begin blogging?

I’ve never asked, and they’ve never said anything.

Did you ever write a blog that made someone feel hurt? How did you reconcile that or resolve that?

I do my best to not hurt anyone or be pushy. I’m never snarky. But I’m also not shying away from posts that could be considered controversial.

What can we pray about for you?

That the ideas for my story will continue coming, and that I will find time to write amidst the craziness of moving again so I can finish the book this year.

How many hours do you social network and/or blog per week?

Too many.

How many readers do you get a month?

I average about 2000. I’m always amazed at where they come from, or how they find me.

Anything else you’d like to share about your blog?

I try to be real and honest and kind. I hope that comes across.

Note from Nikki: The purpose of this series is to show the heart behind some of the many blogs I read. Most of them might be Christian, but some of them aren’t believers. On July 5, we featured Kristine McGuire. With all the great articles out there about social networking, building your brand, and marketing ones self in the world, I wanted to put a different spin on things. This series will make an attempt to get at the heart of the blogger. I’m not asking for submissions. So please keep your comments to prayers for Michelle, questions for her, or encouragement for her as she fulfills this calling. As Bonnie Gray once said, your comments are a gift.


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  1. Nikki – what a great subject to interview people about, I love it!

    Michelle – I remember when I got my first comments that wasn’t from the solitary friend who I knew was reading. I had no idea what to do with them 🙂 I soon learnt!


  2. Too many hours online – I can relate! Glad you’ve enjoyed the IWSG. That’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve done online. And like you, I’ve stayed so I can encourage and support.


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