Book Review: Dragonspell

Dragonspell by Donita K. Paul is just as fun a read as The Dragons of Chirill, bringing back some of my favorite characters like Wizard Fenworth. It brings us a new story in the adventures of Paladin.

Kale Allerion is a recently freed slave on her way to The Hall to serve Paladin until a group of Grawligs attack near the city of Vendela. Paladin sends a force of his people to rescue Kale and help her in her quest to find the meech egg–a dragon egg that the evil wizard Risto wants to use to create his own race of beings.

Gifted with powers beyond her comprehension, Kale must rely upon Wizard Fenworth and Leetu in how to use her powers. Humorous slips of ettiquette bring delightful scenes interspersed between battles and adventures. Kale feels unfit for this quest and is terrified of Wizard Risto.

Dragonspell is yet another great novel with rich characters, a well-developed world, and spirited and imaginative dialogue. There are also subtle pieces of biblical wisdom that never thumps someone over the head with it’s biblical roots, but a gentle reminder of our purpose. I gave this novel 5 Drumddums for imagination and fun.

*Book given by publisher to review.