A Life of Words: @kristinemac

Name of blog:  Kristine ReMixed 

Your Name:Kristine McGuire  

Your Twitter: kristinemac

Your Facebook page:  AuthorKristineMcguire

Why did you pick that name? 

My husband, Thom, suggested it. He used to be a nightclub DJ. He would take various pieces of original music and “remix” it to create something new. As a re-dedicated Christian I have been “remixed” by God (a Christian who was restored to Him after eight years spent in the occult). Therefore I am now—Kristine ReMixed

What prompted you to begin blogging? 

I kept my testimony to myself for two years. Frankly, I thought other Christians would be unkind about my testimony. However, during those two years I heard people talk of how they wanted a deeper connection with God. I saw how mysticism and interest in the paranormal was gaining momentum in our society. I decided it was time to share my story but wasn’t sure how. I already blogged on Myspace (just daily life stuff) so when Thom suggested I start a real blog (and offered to help set it up) I decided to go for it.

What kind of blogs did you first write?

I started with typical “Christian life stuff”. It wasn’t until October I began addressing occult issues with a post about a movie called “Paranormal Activity”…and my readership exploded.

What mistakes did you make when you first blogged?

Not including pictures  (with links to the original source), making the font too small, and not paying attention to the length of the post.

What was your worst blog post in the beginning? Your best? 

I have no idea because it can be subjective. There are posts I slaved over and believed were awesome which nobody read. There have been “throw away” posts I’ve written in a few minutes which people loved and shared.

Why did you begin blogging? 

Officially? August 2009.

What are your top 5 favorite blogs to read?

www.sarahmae.com, www.sarahmarkley.com, www.faithbarista.comtolovehonorandvacuum.com, and of course yours. 🙂

What inspires you to blog? 

God, life, stories I see on TV, other blog posts…sharing what I’ve learned over the course of my life (even the stuff that really hurt).

When do you write your posts and how long do they take? 

It depends on when I get inspired. I’ve been known to create a blog post as early as 6AM and as late as 11:45PM.

What is your brand?

My name and that I’m a Former Witch, Medium, Ghost Hunter. This has established me as an “authority” on occult matters for Christians.

What was your worst comment?

When I was accused of sharing my story so I could “make millions of dollars.” That truly hurt because I feel a profound burden to share God’s truth about the occult with anyone who will listen.

Your best?
The person who found peace with the past, knowing God will always forgive if we truly repent.

When your first comments came and they weren’t family or friends, describe that feeling.

Over the top excited. I may have done a happy dance. 🙂

Why do you blog now and how has that changed from your very beginnings? 

The motivation remains the same. God has put words on my heart which I put out there in the hope someone will be encouraged in their faith or challenged to turn their eyes to Him.

Do you have any comments to add for people who want to start blogs? Any advice?

Keep your posts to a reasonable length. If it’s going to be long, break it up into several parts. Be prepared to write something every day—even if all you do is admit how uninspired you feel or how boring life is that day. And practice your craft. A good blogger should be a good writer.

How many times a week do you post? 

I try to post something every day. When life gets busy I shoot for three or four times a week.

Are you a believer? If not, what religion do you believe in? If a believer, what denomination do you attend?

I’m a Christian. My faith community is Resurrection Life Church in Grandville, MI.

Do people at your church or work know about your blog? What is their reaction?

My church is very large but I do know there are people from there who read my blog. Everyone has been very supportive and encouraging.

What was your family’s reaction when you wanted to begin blogging? 

As far as I know my family does not read my blog but they are supportive of my writing so I assume they’d like it.

Did you ever write a blog that made someone feel hurt? How did you reconcile that or resolve that? 

The people who might feel hurt by my posts are usually involved in the occult. I never set out to be hurtful but I also do not mince the truth when it comes to the gospel. I do try to let people know they are valued and loved whether we have the same belief or not.

What can we pray about for you? 

God’s gracious favor as my book hits the market in September, and more open doors to minister to people. Daily inspiration for the blog. And as always His strength.

How many hours do you social network and/or blog per week? 

Oh goodness, probably 20 hours or so.

How many readers do you get a month?

Over 10,000

Anything else you’d like to share about your blog?

I’m blessed and humbled to have the opportunity to share faith and life with people through my blog. Thank you. 🙂

Note from Nikki: The purpose of this series is to show the heart behind some of the many blogs I read. Most of them might be Christian, but some of them aren’t believers. On June 24, we featured Lori Heyd. With all the great articles out there about social networking, building your brand, and marketing ones self in the world, I wanted to put a different spin on things. This series will make an attempt to get at the heart of the blogger. I’m not asking for submissions. So please keep your comments to prayers for Kristine, questions for her, or encouragement for her as she fulfills this calling. As Bonnie Gray once said, your comments are a gift.


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  1. Thank you Lori. I pray God will use it to get people talking about the topic with discernment and wisdom.

    And thank you. Nikole, for inviting me to take part in this series. 😀


  2. Thank you Kristine for sharing, I know there will be much interest in your book, so many are caught up in different aspects of the occult….we need strong testimonies like yours to shed the light on the truth! And thank you Nikole for this series!


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