Anonymous Blogger: Islands Off The Coast of Alaska

Every month a woman who spends many hours compiling political information and calling our congress puts together the most important bills. She doesn’t have a computer and hand delivers her post to me. Her diligence is to our benefit.

ccv resources.comDear Nikki,

Call Kyle, McCain, and Gosar to support HR2560–Cut, Cap, and Balance Act (she included a copy of the bill in my letter, but if you google it, you can find the same information. However, I am willing to scan and email it to you, if you request it.).

We have called about the following before, but I think it would be advisable to do so again.

Call Kyle, McCain and Gosar to vote NO on Senate Bill 6–a back door to amnesty bill.

Call Kyle, McCain, and Gosar to vote against allowing our sovereign islands off of the coast of Alaska to be given away or sold for any reason to Russia. As well as being part of the soveriegn U.S. they are oil and fish rich (the State Department is attempting to do this).

Thanks, (name deleted)