Today: Speaking at ACFW

Dear Friends,

Today I am speaking at ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). I would appreciate your prayers as this is my first speaking gig.

ACFW Arizona Chapter

Tempe, Arizona

Topic: What You Can Learn Through Book Reviewing

In many ways, book reviewing is a lot like critiquing a manuscript. On Saturday, June 30 from 1 – 3 p.m. Nikole Hahn will teach her method for reviewing books and show you how book reviewing will teach you to be a better writer, a better critique partner, and how reviewing can build a broader reader base for your blog and website. She will share the risks of book reviewing and what you should beware of and why you should post a bad review.

Contact: Betty Springer


3 thoughts on “Today: Speaking at ACFW”

    1. Thank you for all your prayers today. My first speaking gig went very well, I think. The questions kept coming, the practice critiques were great, and the questions came even after we ended. I ended on time. I lost my nervousness a few minutes into it. Thank you ACFW for allowing me to speak. I was honored.


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