The Cool Crowd

English: People engaging in casual conversatio...
English: People engaging in casual conversation on a sidewalk in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever see the same group of people gather together and you wanted to be a part of that? You’d think that feeling would be left behind in high school, but as we grow older we reach out to gain mature friendships sometimes to our frustration.

We get lucky when we meet that kindred spirit; the one that shares so much in common that conversation isn’t a problem; you meet the quiet one who makes you nervous and you have to make all the conversation; the sweet one who can effortlessly unravel your entire life story within a few minutes; and others with their varied personalities that add to our life. But making friendships isn’t easy, especially for me.

What if we converted what we have learned about building online communities to building real life communities?

Why can’t everyone join the cool crowd? Isn’t that what Jesus is all about—sitting with liars and low-lifes and sinners like me, and learning to grow together in Christ?

What do you think? Will you ask that new person in church or in your group to coffee? Will you extend your conversation to someone new?

4 thoughts on “The Cool Crowd”

  1. What, no special sorority? Mingle with others? Puh-lease.

    JK, of course. Oh my, what shall we do when those in highest places of “authority” in heaven will be those who were most looked down upon here? Much wailing and gnashing of teeth, methinks.

    Good post.


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