You’re Stealing My Joy

A comment recently reminded me how a me-centered lifestyle can rob someone else of their joy. It returns us to the old argument of hymn versus contemporary music, contemporary decorations versus traditional, or band versus classical. Mary Carver from Incourage said this:

“The second our focus turned away from God and his people and toward a building and our opinions, we were doomed to failure. But The Building was just one of many things that tore apart the six couples who had, just months before, been so full of hope and excitement and passion. Music, website design, children’s programs and potluck dinners were other things we fought about, both openly and behind each others’ backs. In every area we created discord.”

This was a church plant. In the end of her post, Mary shows how God redeemed her hurt and returned her to that building though it is a different church now. I propose a similar idea; take a break to refocus and forgive. Then, return to that church and be a light. It’s not about us on Sunday, and Rebecca Luella Miller agrees.

Rebecca Luella Miller said:

“How far we have fallen, to think that we should only read the Bible or pray if we feel like it or that we have a right to complain if in church we sing too many hymns or not enough or if we stand too long or the lighting is too low or too bright.  If life is not about us, worship is certainly not about us either. How different our days would be if we remembered that we exist for God, and life, creation, all He made exists for Him.”

The comment I received stole my joy for a few days. It’s not the first time I have heard the comments regarding hymns or contemporary music. The war is familiar. It also made me more determined to speak out against this nonsense as well as working at not allowing anyone to steal my joy.

Let’s be more conscious of our words and behavior every day; not just on Sundays. If we demand certain things at church, we’re stealing someone else’s joy in worship. Whatever it might be that causes discord we need to refocus ourselves, forgive, and let Him shine a light instead of walking away. Negative people are dark and what better chases away the dark and shadows than His light?

Without prayer, it’s just music; without music, it’s not impossible to worship God; without good motivations, our hearts can deceive; without love, music and prayer become a masquerade; without someone to work behind the scenes in a glory-less job, church wouldn’t have seats, coffee, tables, bulletins, flyers, places to have programs, things to rent, etc. In everything, there is the practical reality of running church or a ministry, and without people a church plant, a church, or ministry cannot run itself.

Without prayer, it’s all futile.

How are you allowing Jesus to shine His light through your actions?


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  1. Just commented and it disappeared somewhere into the internet…..Anyway, wonderful post, I couldn’t agree more. Lori


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